BEacon + MESMR

Unleashing the Power of Immersive Experiences: Beacon Media and MESMR

At Beacon Media, we understand the transformative potential of immersive technologies, and that's why we have strategically partnered with MESMR as our immersive experience technological partner. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the way stories are told, films are experienced, and ethical value is shared. Our philosophy at Beacon Media is simple yet powerful: 1+1 must equal 11.

By combining enticing and engaging storytelling techniques with cutting-edge immersive technologies, Beacon Media and Mesmr are pushing the boundaries of narrative engagement, delivering transformative experiences that revolutionize the way information is distributed, interpreted, and received by audiences worldwide.
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Manoj, CEO of Beacon Media with Rolando, CEO of Mesmr
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