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Combining breakthrough technology and extraordinary talent to reshape the world of content creation and financing.
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Through a transmedia approach that prioritizes transparency, Return on Investment and Impact, our global media company is changing the way content is produced and talent is allocated.

Who we are

As a global media and entertainment company, Beacon Media takes a data-driven and technology-enabled approach to media production, allocation, and distribution, backed by a seasoned team of media operators with extensive expertise in data analytics and production financing.

Our Vision

Our philosophy at Beacon Media is that 1+1 must equal 11. A philosophy that drives our innovative approach to entertainment financing and our technology-forward approach to media production, talent allocation, and distribution. This combination creates exponential value for our partners and stakeholders.

Our Goal

Our mission at Beacon Media is to revolutionize the creative economy by providing project-specific funding, operations management, and global distribution access to our production partners. By building production efficient teams around high-value IP we create ground-breaking content that achieves commercial success and increases community engagement worldwide.

Our Edge

Embracing the power of technology, Beacon Media leverages data analytics for informed talent and slate decisions, utilizes cutting-edge tools for streamlined internal operations, and capitalizes on the digital asset ecosystem for efficient fundraising and capital distribution, setting us apart in the industry.

Our Latest Projects

A diverse portfolio of global projects, spanning various scales and ownership structures, as we champion both IP ownership and funding facilitation. Our commitment to worldwide talent and operations allows us to create exceptional content that transcends borders and resonates with audiences globally.
About US

Our story, Our Values and Our Team

Beacon Media emerged from a desire to redefine the film industry by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking strategies, and a global network of talent to elevate content production and financing. Our dynamic team, comprised of seasoned media operators and information systems experts, constantly pushes the envelope to deliver engaging and transformative entertainment experiences.
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“We had an amazing experience working with the Beacon team. Their expertise and professionalism made our collaboration on the film project a success”
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We're all about fostering connections and embracing a relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to hit us up anytime you want to chat, share ideas, or explore collaborations within the film ecosystem. We're a friendly bunch, dedicated to maintaining the perfect balance of approachability and professionalism, as we join forces to make 1+1 equal 11.
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